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ISR - Ingeniergesellschaft Sachverständiger Revisionsingenieure MBH - Prüfstelle für die Qualitätssicherung

ISR Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

  • Test center for quality control
  • Founded in 1980 by Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Meyer
  • Business management: Herbert Meyer, Frank Meyer
  • Ministerially approved experts, certified test center for quality control
Meyle - Meyer Industrie Electronic GmbH - Komponenten für die Automationstechnik

Meyer Industrie Electronic GmbH

  • Components for the automation industry
  • Founded in 1972 by Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Meyer
  • Business management: Herbert Meyer, Frank MeyerDistribution of components for the automation and process industry, contract supplier for special electrical engineering factories
IHM - Ingenieurbüro Herbert Meyer - Systeme für die Automationstechnik

Ingenieurbüro Herbert Meyer

  • Systems for the automation industry
  • Founded in 1965 by Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Meyer
  • Business management: Herbert Meyer, Frank Meyer
  • Systems for factory automation, process control, measuring technologies and industrial process & control

ISR Ingenieurgesellschaft

Since it became clear in the late 1970s that the legislator would introduce the competition on the merits at every amendment of technical regulations or inspection regulations, a major field of activity for technical inspection agencies appointed and supervised by the authorities appeared.
At that time, however, it was not apparent that the INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT SACHVERSTÄNDIGER REVISIONSINGENIEURE (ISR), founded in 1980 by the current managing partner Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Meyer, would undergo such a disproportionate development. By now, it has become indispensable as a test center for quality control.

Today, the ISR is adept in numerous and versatile fields of activity. Customer-oriented and nevertheless according to contracts and regulations, the ISR represents equality of compliance. Extensive testing experience and the access to different databases ensure comprehensive information and the development of profiles for optimisation.

The ISR is part of a corporate group combining high-tech profiles developed by highly qualified and specialised engineers with a wide range of measurement equipment and testing instruments in an in-house engineering centre.

The ISR is authorised in all States of Germany and strives for Europe-wide certification rights. Thus, the company is a guarantor and reliable partner for public authorities, administrations and the free economy. Furthermore, the ISR is involved in the world-wide quality management of its sister company MEYLE.

ISR Ingeniergesellschaft mbH - Prüfstelle für Qualitätssicherung